Wild Neighbors

With all the dogs, horses, llamas, etc. at the farm, they don’t get any wild critters near the house. Next door on the hill, however, we see many more. You  probably will too, on the way to Cook’s Country Connection, so drive slowly up the driveway! Some of these photos link to previous posts on our personal blog, www.PajariGirls.com.


whitetail fawn

There are lots of deer on the farm and on the hill. Last year, I got some cool pictures of an orphan fawn. We have seen her/him throughout the winter.


black bear

Last fall, I had a young bear in my yard!  Grandma Marge talked about seeing bears while walking from her house to The Farm, but we hadn’t seen one in years.


robin, rose
baby robin, bird, rose A robin’s nest in Great Aunt Emily’s Rugosa Rosebush
robin, birdbath
It’s important to have water out year-round.
bird. chickadee
Birds need water in the winter, too!
chickadee, flying, bird
Black Capped Chickadee
woodpecker, pileated, bird, mn
Pileated Woodpeckers love suet.
blue jay, mn, bird
Blue Jays are loud and pushy, but so pretty.

Snowshoe Hares

showshoe hare, bunny, wild,
They turn all white in the winter.
snowshoe hare, rabbit, mn
And like all babies, are adorable when young.


woodchuck, groundhog, trail cam, marmot, ground squirrel, land beaver, cook's country connection, northern mn, minnesota animals, pajari girls, petting farm

Contrary to popular belief, they do no chucking of wood. Read about ours here.


fox, cross fox, red fox



Ew. They eat mosquitoes and other pests. But ew.  Here’s a link to my bat story. It was pretty funny…after it happened.


Yup. It’s a farm. In the country. There are bugs, too. Some are pretty cool.

hummingbird moth
A hummingbird moth! So. Cool. Click HERE to read more about them.

butterfly, orange

Fiery skipper, butterfly, four wings
Nope, you are not seeing double; these Fiery Skipper butterflies have four wings.
wolf spider
Charlotte eats mosquitoes.
slug, bug
I can’t think of a single nice thing to say about slugs.
Earthworms are fantastic for your garden.
compost, worms, worm bin
Composting worms are even better!

And here is a link that explains why. This summer, we will have worms and worm  castings (poo) for sale at the farm.  With an indoor bin, you can compost all winter long, making fabulous fertilizer.

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3 thoughts on “Wild Neighbors

  1. except one minor detail…
    thats not a pileated woodpecker. pileated are HUGE and have red mohawks. 😛 they wont often hang on those suet feeders because they are too small, but my grandpa gets them on the deer carcass on a tree because its more stable. 😉


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