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Winter 2014, Sissy and I spent a fair amount of time trying to write a “press release” about our  “Next Great Adventure”.  Writing our own story was a LOT harder than we thought.  So true to style…we avoided it.  Lord knows there was enough other stuff to do!  Every so often we would talk about it…brainstorm a bit….and then go find something else………ANYTHING ELSE to do.

Thankfully other writers found the story worth telling and came to us.  The results have been beyond anything we could have asked for.

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Our first interview was with Jean Cole of Hometown Focus.  We met at the farm on a  beautiful August afternoon.  Laura, Jill, Steve and I started sharing, we had built so much, planned so long, then there is the history of the farm, the goals for the future and dreams we may never even get to ….  I am not sure how she kept up!  And with all that yakking, we had no idea what to expect when the story came out – what on earth could she do with all that information????   Turns out she has a real gift – the ability to collect, sort and make it all stick together.  It was wonderful…AND ON THE FRONT PAGE, even!!  To read the story click here.

Hometown Focus

The second news article was in our hometown paper the Cook News Herald.  Jared and Caitlyn Bangs are this wonderful couple with beautiful little kiddos that we met through the Dollar Barn.  They were new to Cook, but immediately upon meeting them, we hoped they would stay.  I had no idea that this duo had so many talents…writing among them! (Here is a link to their awesome blog, He Sowed She Sewed. Check it out!) I  couldn’t imagine what they could do with our story that the Hometown Focus didn’t do but they did it.  I picked up a paper and zipped to Laura’s and we stood outside in the sunshine and read the story. How on earth could there be ANOTHER story that touched us so deeply???? Click here for the story…

Cook News Herald p 8

Little did we know, there was more to come.

A few weeks later, Angie Riebe called from the Mesabi Daily News.  I wasn’t sure what could be said that hadn’t been said already, but what the heck.  Low and behold, she had another take on the story.   We were on the front page of the Sunday paper!  I was (and still am) overwhelmed.  Not  only were we front page we seemed to take over the whole dang paper!!  Talk about incredible!!  I would have never in a hundred million years expected any of this!  Follow me for Angie’s story….

MDN Front Page 1 News Articles-4

One day, not too long after, Tom Klein of the Timberjay stopped by the farm.  Tom was so kind in his coverage of the fire.  He cared more about all of us as people losing everything than being front and center of the “big story”.  He talked to us, he was respectful and courteous and will always hold a special place in my heart.  The day Tom came to the farm we were a pretty bustling place and I wasn’t able to spend a whole lot of time hanging out and giving the personal tour…but yet ANOTHER great article was written – and from a whole new perspective!

News Articles-6

Today we logged on to National Geographic’s Heart of the Continent page and saw our entry! If you have been to the farm, here is your chance to visit National Geographic and tell them how you feel about our area, including the farm.

national geographic-2


I mentioned earlier that all this press was overwhelming…..  It has been great for the farm but beyond that, it has given me courage.  What I am doing is worth talking about.  Others see the value and potential in my dream.

Wow……what a difference a year can make.


A huge thank you to Kati Anderson of KBJR channel 6 Duluth and Range 11 for sharing our story!

Click here to see the video and read her story.

Fox 21 came from Duluth on the day of our Grand Opening, too!! 


Some of our very best accolades have come from you, our visitors!  Take a few minutes to read some of our reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor.  I can tell people all day about how great this place is, but what really gets peoples attention, is when our guests take the time to share their own experiences here at the farm!

2017 & 2018

Wow!! It continues!  We have had more amazing articles, more visitors and more reviews!  We are the NUMBER 1 rated “thing to do” in Cook on TripAdvisor.  We now have a “yelp” account, a Google Business account, we are listed on Winnie.com, RoadTrippers and we have a “HipCamp” account!  Boy what a ride!

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