Want the farm for your own gathering or event?

Field Trips:

Plants and Animals For Food, Fiber and Energy!

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Why not plan your next field trip to the farm?  There is a lot more to farming than fuzzy animals.  There is a lot of biology, chemistry, science, math and history!  The possibilities are endless!

When it comes to “Minnesota Academic Standards” there is no better place to learn than on the farm.  We offer an interactive, hands-on learning experience that will keep the kids thinking.

Using the “National Agriculture in the Classroom” website, we have ag- based curriculum for grades pre-K to 6.

Corporate Trainings:

Employers and HR Peeps ~

Are you looking for a low-cost, local, fun way to celebrate your hard-working employees? A place to do some offsite leadership training or team building? A unique way to get your
work-at-home employees together in one place? An employee wellness day in the great
outdoors? And all of this with proper social distancing? (We recommend a llama’s distance
between everyone…)

Well, check out Cook’s Country Connection for your next work event. It’s a 120+ year family farm/petting zoo located in Cook, MN and it’s not just for kids! Unplug and unwind in nature at this unique outdoor/indoor location. There is an indoor space where presentations for up to 30 people at a time can take place plus plenty of outdoor space to spread out and enjoy. It’s a fact that fresh air and animals improve mooooood and productivity.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.   A half-day meeting that starts with training that you provide or experienced presenters
(see below) can provide for you. Then a team-building farm yoga class with goats, pigs,
alpacas, and more, followed by fun time with the animals.
2.   A full-day training that you provide or experienced presenters (see below) can provide for
you. Learn leadership skills the horse way! Includes a box lunch and a team-building farm
yoga class with goats, pigs, alpacas, and more, and plenty of fun time with the animals.
3.  An after-work event starting with a private farm yoga session and “happy hour with the
goats” (BYOB). Local musicians can even provide entertainment for an additional fee.

Expert Presenters Available:

Terri Nystrom, Management/HR Professional and Adjunct Professor – Terri has 30+ years of management experience, 5 years of college-level teaching and can present on a variety of customer service, leadership, management, or business topics.

Connie Larson, HR Professional and Adjunct Instructor – Connie has over 30 years of experience and can present on a variety of topics related to workplace safety, HR, management, leadership, or wellness. She also teaches yoga.

Sample topic ideas that can be customized to your group, suggest your own topics, or bring in your own presenter(s): Customer Service, Change Management, Diversity, Respect in the Workplace, Leadership the Horse Way, Team Building, Making Connections, Stress Relief / Wellness, Conflict Resolution, Transformational Leadership, Engaging the Workforce, Motivating the Unmotivated, HR Department of One, Workplace Safety


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Family & Class Reunions:


Mobile Zoo:  Can’t come to us?  We can come to you!