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Rascal is another cat here on the farm.  She isn’t considered an “exhibit animal” but she is a cat, and cats wander wherever they please.  It is highly unlikely you will see her while visiting though – she is super-shy of strangers.

She had to be the runt of the litter because all of her siblings are real oompa loompas and she is the teeeniest little girl ever! (Laura and Paul’s cat Peaches is her brother.)

Cat, manx, calico, tortoiseshell, cooks country connectionShe plays chess….

Cat, manx, cook's country connection, calico, tortoiseshell
Rascal drinking

She only drinks out of her paw….

cat, manx, calico, tortoiseshell, cooks country connection
Harley and Rascal

And she likes to tell people to be quiet too….”Hush Harley.”

We often get  asked if Rascal or Peaches had an accident, because they don’t have tails. Nope! They are half Manx!

Also, there has been some debate as to whether her coloring is  calico or tortoiseshell.  What’s your opinion?