Meet The Farmers

 baby lulu una
Lois Pajari is the current owner / caretaker of the farm.

Pajari Girls, Cook's Country Connection, petting farm, cook, cook mn
Laura Pajari and Paul Williams live on part of the original property as well.  Right next door!!  Laura does most of our web site and facebook stuff and is Employee of the Year
(IS NOT!!!).    IS TOO!!!   IS NOT…..
Lois and Laura are the great-granddaughters of Albert and Augusta Peterson, the original homesteaders.

cow, cook's country connection, petting farm

Paul is a converted farmer..and darn good sport.

family history, cook's country connection, petting farm            chainsaw, pajari girls, petting farm, cook's country connection

  The two sisters are known far and wide.  Hijinks and shenanigans abound.

cook's country connection, petting farm

Jill caught the farm bug a couple years ago.  She even has a few animals at the farm to call her own.  Jill is the baby whisperer, kid guru and one heck of a pooper-scooper to boot. And she can do BOTH at the SAME TIME!

Junior Farmers

cook's country connection, pony, cook, mn       alpaca, cook's country connection

Ashley and Anthony fell in love with farm life around the same time as their mom.  It’s hard to say who started it really….kids or mom???

donkeys, petting farm, cook's country connection

Danny Boy (Laura’s youngest) has lived next door to the farm and his crazy aunt his whole life.

Assistant Manager

cook's country connection, petting farm, cook mn, corgi

Walli Pajari Williams

Need I say more…..  really?  Look at that face.

5 thoughts on “Meet The Farmers

  1. This is great! Good insight on all the ‘working hands’. Is it proper to want to kiss the face of the assistant manager?


  2. When I saw “my llama” on the front page of Home town focus, I cried. Not just a few tears but buckets. Laura, Lois, its Kelly (Erickson) Rae. It seems like it was so long ago that you had that dream, AND YOU GIRLS DID IT!!!!! I would love to have your email to catch up. Mine is I wanted to visit last weekend but it would have been busy (yay) and I could turn into a “tammy baker” mess real quick. I am sorry about the fire, but then there was another purpose in life for all 3 of you girls, and all the love those animals will get. I would love to help. I hope to hear from you when you have a chance. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU` love and best wishes, hopes and dreams, Kelly


    1. Hi Kelly! Lois here! Thank you so much for the encouragement and support – it has been one hell of a year! The llama girls on the front of the Hometown Focus are actually three new girls we adopted last November. Jill (who is now a gramma llama) has an irregular heartbeat and the arthritis in her hip is getting worse. We didn’t want to be in a spot where poor Bella wouldn’t have a friend. (Bella still has the best fiber of all of them…she is so pretty!) Definitely email – I can send you pics of all the kids. I am pretty sure they all have a profile on the farm website too. Thanks so very much!!! I hope all is well in your world! ~Lois


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