Farm Store


Good news! We have set up one corner of the new barn at CCC to be a farm store! We Pajari Girls are pretty crafty and artistic, so now we will have a place to share our artistic sides. All products are made at the farm, or from re-purposed farm items.

And just in case you won’t make it to the Farm Store, Cook Area Farmers’ Market, or other assorted craft shows when we are on the road, we (Laura) made an Etsy store, too! Click below to link to it!

Take me to the Pajari Girls’ Online Etsy Shop. Chop Chop!

Laura has been making jewelry on her “good hand days”, when the arthritis is behaving. Most of it is made with re-purposed beads and charms from places like the Cook Thrift Shop.


Silver spoon jewelry? We have that, too!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE finding uses for my sister’s empty bottles. 😉

Farm Store-1-3


Another great thing Lois makes are stepping stones and concrete rhubarb leaves. Someday soon we will have classes for those of you who want to play along. 🙂



stepping stones-7



And check out the  gazing balls that a Mr. Stinky Droolface  or a Ginormous White Slobbering Dog can’t break! (PS: Laura needs more bowling balls, and has a couple of community ed classes scheduled for this at the farm.)

Lois Jill Fence-18

Pennies of a certain age will repel slugs and make hydrangeas blue. True story.

Blue Gazing Ball

But the glass is pretty, too.


With sizes from Toddler to 2XL, we have a CCC shirt for you!

Junior Farmer Ashley is busy painting more rocks–and they are selling fast! Strawberries, peas, and even an eggplant to decorate your garden all year long. Minions were a big hit last year, too!




Clothespin Bags

Clothespin Bags… Save some money and the earth–use a clothesline! These adorable bags are made from re-purposed baby clothes, and will hold your clothespins while allowing them to dry after rain, etc.   🙂

Feeling crafty? Ant is selling giant pine cones in the Farm Store, too.

farm store-4-2

Oh! and Pajari Girls Photography products will be there, too! Cards, canvases, prints, etc.

farm store (1 of 4)

Lightning watermark

We will also be proudly displaying other farm-related antiques, and some of them will be for sale!

Lois Jill Fence-20

Lois Jill Fence-22

Anything we can think of that can be made or grown here on the farm is fair game. These pics are just a sampling of what will be available. Maybe even eggs and produce next year. (IF my sister would just manage her time a little better.)

Here’s a link to our new cards by Kathy Duame, a talented local artist and friend of the farm 🙂



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