Farm History

In the beginning….

(((    just kidding  🙂   )))

In 1984 our aunt, Judy Peterson (mom’s youngest sister), started a “Peterson Family History”.  Most of what you see here is from her research.

This genealogy stuff is tricky.  I started out trying to figure out what year Great Grandma Augusta was born.  The 1900 census says one thing, the 1905,1910 and 1920 another.   A letter from a church in Sweden and the funeral paper say another.  Off to the cemetery….  That should be right….right?  ROAD TRIP SISSY!!!


FOUND IT!!  Great Grandma was born in 1878.  HA!

And as long as we were there…..


Great great grandma

The migration started with Great great grandma Lovisa’s oldest daughter Anna,  she was the first in the family to move to the United States in 1892.  Great grandma, Augusta, moved to the United States in 1896.  Lovisa and the baby of the family, Hilma moved here in 1900.

great great gramma Lovisa, great gramma augusta, her sis Hilma, her bro in law August, sis Annie      Great gramma Augusta, great great gramma Lovisa, and great aunt Hilma

Hilma and her husband homesteaded property next to Augusta and Albert.  Part of Hilma’s homestead still stands (and if anyone out there can think of a way to move it, I want it!!)


Many of you have driven right by it and possibly wondered what on earth it is.  It’s the silo base…cool hey?  I think it would be an awesome piece of family history to have here at the farm – now to just move it…..hmmmm.

On the other side, Great Grandpa (Albert Peterson) was born in 1873 and died in 1939.  I have some papers that might be about him, but they are in Swedish.  I can’t read Swedish…….

“The Greats” were married March 20, 1902  in Eveleth MN.


They had 7…..yes, SEVEN kids:  Alvi (Al)  Peterson – Karl Peterson – Uno Peterson – Selma Peterson McCollum – Ralph Peterson (where we come in — my maternal grandfather) – Amelia (Emily to most) Peterson and not to be forgotten, the baby – Ann (Annie) Peterson Sites

They got this land thanks to the Homestead Act of 1862 and a LOT of blood, sweat, and tears turned it into the farm it is today.    (We have copies of the old documents on display.  Make sure to check them out when you come visit!)

img017     img018

There isn’t a single day that we are not grateful for this land.  There is nowhere we would rather be.  It is an honor to be the guardians of this incredible place.

In order to finally get this post published,  I have officially given up until next winter.

If any of our family out there would like to help fill in some blanks, I will be more than grateful for the input.  Chop chop you “Peterson” descendants – a little help here!



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