Squirt – An Equally Naughty Pony

Squirt is another naughty miniature horse on the farm.  He isn’t even mine – technically he belongs to Laura next door.  (Not that that changes the situation,  but  I just wanted to clear that up from the start — because really ??– who in their right mind has three miniature horses?)


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking….”but he’s so cute”.  Well guess what?  He’s lucky he is.

squirt in the yard

He is the only horse trained to do anything around here but you’ll rarely catch him.

mini paint pony

If you have a zoom lens, you can get some good pictures.

mini paint pony

If not, this is what he will look like. Short. And far away.

Pat Laura Itchy

Could be because he gets sick of hauling our butts up and down the driveway using his little cart.  He has been a “project animal”, so who knows, maybe this summer I will have the time to persuade him to cooperate.  Bahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

So how did we end up with this little guy?  Laura waited 20 years to go to the world’s largest draft horse auction in Waverly Iowa. (Where Disney World and such go to buy the beautiful, majestic teams you see at their parks.)  And THIS is what she came home with!!

PS:  We now believe the auction term “Amish-Broke” means “Hard to Catch”.

PPS: UPDATE! Just tried harnessing him yesterday. Read about it here!

PPPS: UPDATE! A video of him eating watermelon…

3 thoughts on “Squirt – An Equally Naughty Pony

  1. I love getting your posts! You make me smile with every one of them. May I come visit the farm if I ever come back up to Mosquito Country during the non-snow months?

    Thanks, Ladies, I am so happy that you have started a new project from the ashes of the old.

    Pat Hoover


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