Toby came to the farm around 2004. We should have known he was trouble right from the start.

His original selling price was out of budget, considering he was just another roving lawn ornament.  I should have been suspicious when the asking price was reduced by 90%!

Donkey, Cook's Country Connection, mn, petting farmDon’t get me wrong…he’s a good guy…mostly.

Even though he can be a poop, Toby has an important job. He is the self proclaimed guardian of the farm, as well as project foreman (nothing gets his attention faster than a hammer or chainsaw).

He doesn’t care if you are a human or a coyote…you are not welcome in his fence…don’t even think about it!!

You can see where this has some advantage – he keeps predators and hooligans out.  Much less of an advantage when he needs shots, worming, hoof trimming or halter changing.

Donkey, Cook's Country Connection, mn, petting farm

To his credit, he is also the full time guardian of his friend Traveling Jack. Jack is an old guy and Toby takes good care of him. Toby walks him to the water tank, makes sure that he shares his oats and protects Jack if Itchy and Squirt get too feisty. (Click here to read more about Travelin’ Jack.) 

Donkey, Cook's Country Connection, mn, petting farm

3 thoughts on “Toby

  1. Cute Little Guy! Hey – maybe you could even add a ‘weather info’ for every few days, or week. Tell those of us Pining away just to come up there how much snow is Really in your driveway, or on the highway. If you got away with just a sweatshirt, or is there a special long underwear we ladies should be looking for! You’ve got some Great pics; so share them my Dear! ❤ Suzanne Thomas


    1. Hey Lady! Good to hear from you! I’ll have to ask Laura about the “weather info page”. I’m lucky if I can actually post something without having to call her in a panic that I have RUINED something!! And to give you an idea of the snow, I had to hold the edge of the porch roof to fill the bird feeders the other day!!


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